A little chippy

After a recent tweet-up at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, where I was wrongfully accused of eating all the potato chips (thanks @stuntmanstu I’m never going to live this down, lol), I figured why not write a blogpost about my favourite snack food. (FYI – the chips we very yummy at the Brookstreet).
So here are some interesting facts about the tasty treat:
– The potato chip was invented in 1853 by Chef George Crum in Saratoga Lake, New York.  A customer complained that his French fries were too think, so he cut them thin, fried them, salted them, et voilà!
– While most varieties follow a similar recipe to Mr. Crum’s, some like Pringles, are made up of dehydrated potato flakes, cornmeal, starch, and other ingredients I can’t really pronounce.
– Frito-Lay employs approximately 45,000 people in Canada and the United States.
– Potato chips are a source of vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, but they are all not all good, they are also stock full of salt (200mg per ounce, that’s about 10 to 12 chips).
So why after knowing all this, do I still eat these little bundles of joyful crunchiness?  Maybe it’s the variety of flavours like: dill pickle, salt and vinegar, ketchup, etc.; or ripping the bag open and smelling the above mentioned goodness for the first time; or perhaps, it’s reaching in and grabbing the largest “wish chip” ever and showing it to the person you’re sharing the bag with, and then gobbling it up.  No matter what the reason, I’d share a big bag of chips and a cold glass of Coca-Cola Classic with a special someone any day. ~ kM

Source: Current Health, Oct. 2001


One response to “A little chippy

  1. This post has a special place in my heart and tummy!

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