Red Wine Sangria

I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the successful and popular Summerlude this past Sunday, so after an afternoon of getting my garden ready for the season, I decided to create my very own.
What does it take exactly? Well according to the Summerlude Facebook page, it looks like a good sangria, some Latin sounds and socializing on the rooftop patio of the Hard Rock Cafe with those of us that love our great city.  I was going to have to improvise I little.  I have a little patio (on solid ground), I think I have “Red Red Wine” on my iPod (I know it’s not Latin), Greg and my golden retriever, Cooper, are home (so it won’t be a big party),  and most importantly I have the ingredients to make a sangria.
3 cups red wine
2 oz (60 ml) apricot brandy
2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 orange sliced in rounds
1/2 lemon sliced in rounds
1/2 lime sliced in quarters
1 cup ginger ale or club soda
Stir all the ingredients except the  ginger ale, and refrigerate for one to two hours if possible.  Once ready add ice, ginger ale and serve.
I might have missed the event of the summer, but on this particular Sunday I couldn’t have asked for better end to my weekend. ~kM


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