Laura’s Barbecue Stuffed Peppers

We just spent a great Canada Day weekend at a friend’s cottage.  It’s a love hate relationship when I go to a cottage, I love the time I spend with friends, love being outdoors, love the great meals, but hate the overeating.
This weekend was no different, however instead of a large meal on Canada Day, we shared many of our favourite appetizer recipes with our friends, Laura and Gary, and their neighbours.  It was a wonderful smorgasbord of veggies, dips, cheeses, and Laura’s tasty stuffed peppers:
Small red, yellow and orange peppers (you can buy them in a package of four from your grocery store)
3 tbsp. red chili paste
3 tsbp. olive oil
1tsp. curry powder
Cheese (brie, havarti – one that melts nicely), cut into cubes
Clean and cut the peppers in half, removing all seeds and placing on a baking sheet (one you can use on the barbecue.  Combine red chili paste, olive oil and curry powder (to taste) in a small bowl.  Spread approximately 1 tsp. of the red chili paste mixture inside the peppers and two or three pieces of cheese on top.  Grill on a low to medium heat barbecue until cheese has melted.
A perfect summer dish that is sure to impress your guests too! ~kM


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