Homemade Chicken Broth

When Greg and I are in a pinch for supper during the week, we sometimes buy the whole roast chicken available at the meal counter at our local supermarket.  Once we’ve picked off all the meat, I like to make homemade chicken broth perfect for soups.
Homemade chicken broth is easy to make, plus unlike many of the store-bought varieties it has a lot less sodium.  I came across this recipe for homemade broth while searching for a chicken noodle soup recipe (also really good).  There always seems to be something comforting about the Chef at Home, Chef Michael Smith, and now that the fall weather is settling, a recipe like homemade chicken broth to warm you up, is just what the doctor order.
The recipe is fool-proof really (just chop, add water, boil, strain and cool), maybe I can convince Greg to start making it 🙂
I’ve played with the fresh herbs, the grocery store didn’t have thyme, so I used savory.  Both provide more than enough flavour to the broth without being overpowering.
One tip – I have found straining the broth using cheesecloth has left the least amount of residue.
So what are my plans for this broth? Let’s just say, it will involve more chicken and some slurping~kM


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