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Roasted Garlic Soup

I’m going to start off by saying “I don’t have a food processor”.  We put it on our wedding registry four years ago, never received it, and it’s pretty much been the reason why we avoid making soup.  I still don’t have one, but the night before I had made some homemade chicken broth, so I had this eagerness to make my own soup before the weather got too warm.
So as I searched for a recipe that had chicken broth and that didn’t require too many groceries, I came across this Roasted Garlic Soup recipe from Foodland Ontario, it had blue cheese (your choice Roquefort or Stilton) in it…sold!
The recipe is quite lengthy to prepare (thank goodness I picked up some sushi as an appetizer, because we didn’t eat supper until close to 8 p.m.). As the garlic roasted in the oven (approx. 45 minutes), I prepped as much of the rest of the recipe as possible: chopped the onion, leeks and chives (the parsley didn’t look very good at the market); measured the chicken broth, vermouth, cream and flour.  I even washed my dishes.
Without a food processor I had to settle for using my blender (little messy), and it did the job just fine (perhaps Santa will get me a food processor this Christmas?).
Once poured into the bowl, topped with the chives and blue cheese, it smelled heavenly.  The texture was smooth to taste, and lacked a little flavour on its own, but get a spoonful with blue cheese and it was a match made in my kitchen. ~kM