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Quick Jambalaya

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, we prepared a recipe we’ve made a number of times.  It’s an easy take on jambalaya that we came across one time when looking for a one-pot meal to make for a large family gathering that could easily be made into a double-batch.  The recipe is now one of our “go-tos”, we LOVE its simplicity and spice!
Friday Date Night #2
The food: Quick Jambalaya (recipe courtesy of Kraft Foods)
The beverage: Gouden Carolus (Belgium beer)
The mood: Harry Connick Jr.
We always seem to find it difficult to cut sausage, it seems to get sticky and messy.  If there is a trick to cutting it, please fellow foodies we beg you to share it with us. We used white rice (however often substituted it for brown), and we usually add whatever we have left in our crisper, this time it was half a green and half a red pepper, and some onion. We both like added zing to our food sometimes, and you wouldn’t think that just a half cup of barbeque sauce could be enough heat, but it definitely does the trick.  Greg was pretty hungry, so this quick version of jambalaya was perfect for this Friday Day Night!
It was all me this week (the recipe, the booze and the tunes), lucky for Greg he works across the street from a grocery store so he picked up a couple of the missing ingredients.  It was a no-frills-week, eating our meal side-by-side on the sofa, sipping beer right out of the bottle while listening to the southern sounds of Harry.  Close your eyes and you’re in New Orleans (just without the beads and the hangover).  ~kM