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Salmon Fillets over Couscous

As summer approaches there is one thing we all think about and stress about (well I know I do), and that’s getting into our bathing suits.  So with maybe a month or so before beach weather, Greg and I tend to kick it into high gear, we drink lots of water, hit the gym and try to eat healthier, before we have to bare any skin.
So as I leaf through cookbooks and scour the Internet for healthier recipes , I came across this one on the FoodNetwork website by Bobby Deen. It had been awhile since I had made couscous and I always love working salmon into our weekly meal plans.  There were a few things however that I wondered about this recipe, the house seasoning for the salmon called for a one cup of salt, really? One cup?  Is that necessary?  And why is everything in the recipe measured in cups, etc. (metric) but the couscous in ounces (imperial)?
I definitely didn’t use a cup of salt in the house seasoning, I used maybe a tablespoon, and I cut the rest of the remaining ingredients for the salmon in half.  The quantity seemed like a lot, and even once sprinkled on top of the salmon, it created a coating or crust.  The estimated cooking time was exact and  perfectly timed with the couscous.
The couscous was super easy to make, I used water, not chicken stock.  It came out a little sticky, not fluffy like it does usually not sure why, but all in all it wasn’t bad, but nothing special.  I think we would make the salmon again, but would think twice before making the couscous again.~kM