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Perfect Pasta!

This is our first blogpost for Friday Date Nights, and we’re pretty excited.  It’s easy to get busy with work, hobbies, life, but we try our best to make Friday Greg and Kelly Nights.  It’s not complicated, it involves good food, good drink and good music, and we cook and enjoy it together.  Our hope is that our posts inspire others to spend time in the kitchen with someone special.
For our first Friday Date Night, I (Kelly) chose the recipe and picked the wine (with the help from Claire @gadgetgirl_ca), Greg was in charge of the groceries and the music.
Friday Date Night #1
The food: Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pasta (recipe courtesy of Bite Me)
The beverage: Pascual Toso Sauvignon Blanc
The mood: Justin Rutledge
There was a long list of ingredients, and quite of bit of food preparation.  These are two things you have to take into consideration when picking a recipe for Friday Date Nights.  If it takes too long to prep or cook you may have to save your recipe for another time.
Anyways, between the two of us we divided and conquered.  Chopping spinach, seeding tomatoes, caramelizing onions.  Once the pasta was tossed, the smell was infectious, it filled the air.  Once platted, the final touch was to sprinkle some freshly grated parmesan cheese and crumble on the goat cheese – we took a little liberty there.

And here is the best part, we sat down, and it was…perfect.  Pasta cooked al dente, the combination of the caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar, plus the goat cheese was heavenly.  Because there was no creamy sauce, the dish wasn’t too heavy for a late night dinner.  We even made it again on the Sunday when “the parents” came over.  Paired with the crisp Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc, which was recommended would bring out the goat cheese, and it did so without hesitation.  Factor in the mellow demeanor of Justin Rutledge and it was just the relaxing evening we needed. ~kM