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Mushroom, Chicken and Leek Pot Pie

After being on holidays, we both felt like we needed a quiet Friday in to relax after being back at work.  The mood was subdued, neither of us eager to jump up and get things started in the kitchen.  This recipe was the perfect choice for this evening, in particular it was not overly labour intensive, yet it also had a sense of comfort (maybe even the laziness) we seemed to both be seeking.
Friday Date Night #3
The food: Mushroom, Chicken and Leek Pot Pie (recipe courtesy of Mushrooms Canada)
The beverage: Chateau des Charmes Barrel Fermented Chardonnay VQA
The mood: Melissa McClelland
We had many of the ingredients already on hand (i.e. chicken stock, oil, tarragon, salt, pepper, egg, etc.), so it was a quick trip to the grocery store for fresh produce, always appreciated when battling the weekend crowds.  When I say it was just one of those days, well we went even as far and bought the pre-sliced mushrooms, enough said right? Overall there was a lot of cheating in this recipe, using pre-bought frozen pastry for the top crust of the pie, would make this recipe perfect for any weeknight.
Now we’d heard of tarragon,  and love it in many French dishes including a good béarnaise sauce (Mmmmm), but it wasn’t until we were sautéing the mushroom and leeks along with it that we really appreciated its aroma and began to look forward to the end result. 
And the end result was a golden pot pie steaming on our plates, cautious not to burn our tongues (nothing a little Chardonnay couldn’t fix) we were anxious to try our first ever homemade pot pie.
The crust was flaky (always the best part right?), we both felt the mushrooms probably could have been cooked a little longer and there just seemed to be something missing whether it was a little garlic or white wine.  The Chardonnay was a nice pairing, it’s medium-bodied flavour was a nice contrast to the tanginess of the  leeks.
As the warmer, sunny weather approaches we tend to look forward to barbequeing and fresh salads, so any chance to make a few more winter classics while listening to one of our favourite artists and not feeling guilty about being indoors is always welcomed. ~kM